Zombie Tsunami MOD APK v4.5.121 (Unlimited Money)

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Zombie Tsunami MOD APK v4.5.121 (Unlimited Money)

Game info

APP INFO: Zombie Tsunami MOD APK
MOD Features Unlimited money, energy/Unlocked Prestige
Category Mod Apk
Size 68 MB
Version v4.5.121
Requires Android 5.0
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If you want a lot of money and diamonds, you can get them by downloading Zombie Tsunami MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Diamonds). Because of this, it’s easy to get eggs and improve your zombies.

Introduce about Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK is a “old but gold” game that I will show you today. Since it came out, this game has slowly turned into a landmark and a must-have on mobile devices.

Most zombie games are about people trying to stay alive before a disaster. The player might have to run away, build a base, or even find and kill whole groups of zombies. But have you ever wondered if game companies are too “unfair” to zombies? Zombie Tsunami was made by Mobigame S.A.R.L. to answer this question. In this game, you have to figure out how zombies think (in fact they are not capable of thinking).


When you play the game, you’ll run into an army of zombies attacking the world’s biggest cities. You start the game with just one zombie, and then you have to try to eat meat and turn as many people as possible into zombies. If you have enough money, you can upgrade to start with two, three, or up to five zombies, which will give you a better chance of winning.

Zombie Tsunami is a runner game like Subway Surfers, which means you run until the game is over. All you have to do is touch anywhere on the screen to make the zombies jump up to avoid the obstacles or jump through the deep hole. It sounds easy, but it takes a lot of skill and quick thinking to play a game with a lot of bombs and holes set up to make you lose. With just one mistake, you can kill all of the zombies you have built.

How to get more zombies

The easiest targets are the people who are yelling on the road. If not, you have to get rid of the way more zombies could be made. The more zombies you need, and the more you eat, the bigger the vehicle. These things are:

  • You need to kill two zombies to get a brain or gold coins.
  • Car: You need four zombies to get one brain.
  • Bus: You need eight zombies to get two brains.
  • Tank: You need to kill 12 zombies to get 3 brains.
  • Plane: You’ll need 16 zombies to get 4 brains.


You can use the skills quickly, and they will help you stay alive and destroy the vehicle.

  • GiantZ: The whole zombie turns into a huge zombie with a laser eye that destroys everything. You can change the lasers so that they fire more rays that do more damage.
  • Ninja: Your zombies turn into ninjas who can cut through anything with their katanas. By clicking twice on the screen, you can make the ninja jump twice.
  • Gold: Zombies turn into gold and can turn everything into gold coins to collect, but they can still die if they fall down a hole.
  • Quarterback: Zombies can’t be hurt by anything, but like Gold, they’re scared of deep holes.
  • Tsunami: This is the skill with the most power. Zombies call up a tsunami and ride it, destroying everything in their path. In this state, you will live forever. Keep pressing the screen over and over to keep the tsunami as high as possible.
  • Dragon: The dragon can fly for a while. To make the dragon jump, you have to keep pressing the button. If you hit the bomb on the first level, the dragon is still hurt, but you can upgrade to fix it.
  • Balloon: Help your zombies fly over the highways while avoiding cars and deep holes.
  • U.F.O. : Keep adding zombies to your team for you.

Two more things have been added:

Mecha: is a robot whose arm has a saw blade that cuts everything in its path.

RiderZ: To unlock a skill, you need to be at a high level. Zombies will drive the race car, and if they fall into the hole, they can climb out. When you upgrade them, they can’t be killed.

Open up your pets

When you play Zombie Tsunami MOD APK, you can also buy eggs to raise some pets. They’ll help you make more gold or meet more people. They have levels that range from Normal to Legendary.

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK

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Zombie Tsunami in MOD APK form

MOD feature

Unlimited Gold/Diamonds: You can have as much gold and diamonds as you want when you start the game.

Why should you use the MOD APK version of Zombie Tsunami?

Of course. Most people who play Zombie Tsunami Hack Apk want to get pets and different outfits for the zombies. To do this, you have to play a lot, watch a lot of ads, and save money over a long period of time. TRICKMEKAR will make things easier for you by giving you a lot of gold and diamonds right away. There is nothing you need to do. Just click on the link below the article to get the MOD APK version of this game.

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK is now available for Android

There are more than 300 missions to do in Zombie Tsunami APK right now. Some of these jobs are very interesting, like shaking equipment when an earthquake happens. Design games aren’t too hard, but they’re fun enough to keep you interested. It’s easy to use on any device because the graphics are simple, and you don’t have to worry about how your phone is set up.

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