ZOMBIE HUNTER Offline Games Mod APK 1.47.0 (Hack,Unlimited Money)

ZOMBIE HUNTER Offline Games Mod APK 1.47.0 (Hack, Unlimited Money) + Mod – Attractive zombie hunter action game for Android
Normal version + mod Hack version (money + infinite equipment) separately
Tested with offline performance

Update On August 11, 2022
MOD Features Unlimited Money / Free Shopping / equipment
Category Action
Size 135M
Version v1.47.0
Requires Android 5.0
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ZOMBIE HUNTER Offline Games Mod APK Unlimited Money is another game from the Vietnamese studio VNG GAME STUDIOS in action style, which like several other games of the same studio with the theme of the apocalyptic world and zombies. The game company is very interested in such games and stories about zombies, and so far has introduced and published several games such as DEAD TARGET, DEAD WARFARE: Zombie and MAD ZOMBIES in the same genre. ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games Mod APK game, whose full name is in Google Play ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games, is another of these games, which in this article from Trickmekar site.


Build a military base

We will introduce you at the same time as the new version of this game is released. Except for the general themes of these games, which are quite similar to each other, their stories are also very similar. However, it must be said that the unique differences and decisions that the creators have used for each game have made each of these games an attractive and unique game.


Now, let’s talk about shooting zombies first

The story of ZOMBIE HUNTER Offline Games takes place in 2024. When humans destroy the environment and the planet with various pollutions. Lack of resources and extremely poor health conditions cause the people of the world to get sick and humanity to be on the verge of extinction. Humans have become weak and have no hope of surviving until a doctor prescribes a special drug that can make humans stronger and vaccinate them against many diseases.

ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games Hack Apk


ZOMBIE HUNTER Offline Games Mod APK, the story begins where, a few years after this incident, and while humanity seemed to be able to make less effort to survive in a new way, in 2027 the people who used this drug suddenly become bloodthirsty and zombie-like creatures! The epidemic spread very quickly and in less than a few weeks the whole planet became infected and almost 80% of the world’s population turned into zombies! Few people remain and go to the same doctor to survive. The doctor claims that a mistake was made and that he is looking for a way to cure and cure the disease. Meanwhile, he is building a shelter for the survivors. In ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games, you play the role of one of these survivors who has the task of destroying zombies and helping others.



You have to travel to different places on difficult missions and prevent the destruction of more people. Your main task is to destroy the zombies with various weapons at each stage of the game before they destroy you. The game’s graphics are excellent, and its modelling is completely three-dimensional. The gameplay is limited to your accurate aiming and shooting.



The game character stands still, and you have to aim and destroy the zombies before they approach. Then the game character changes its place and the game is followed from another view. In this game, you can buy all kinds of weapons and military equipment. ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games Due to its attractive features, it has a very good volume. If you are looking for a zombie-themed action game, do not miss the survival game against zombies [Zombie Hunter] in any way, and download the latest version right now along with a modded version of Trickmekar. The game managed to be downloaded more than 1 million times on Google Play, with a score of 4.5 out of 5.0.

ZOMBIE HUNTER Offline Games Mod APK Changes in version 1.47.0

– NEW ALIEN INVASION EVENT (begins 5 August 2021).
– New weapon: LIGHTNING CREATURE with Electric Perk.
– New drone: TY-197 STINGRAY.
– NEW WHEEL OF FORTUNE EVENT (begins 2 August 2021).
– New melee consumable: RAIDED.
– The bullet’s last hitting has new Slow motion.

Player Good Reviews

  1. Thank GOD!!!! Sick to death of multiplayer games it’s all I ever see any more Jesus Christ not everything has to be an online multilayer game makes me sick to my stomach but truly thank you I’m starting to see more and more games like this one so thank you again for the offline single player really is a great game I haven’t had issues yet and hope I don’t but all in all fun game!!!!
  2. Fantastic Shoot em’ up game! The levels are super short, but as far as I am concerned, these is my top 3 favourite games now! I can say that many Development Teams are putting out BAD versions of this game as fast as I can try them…. But you got it going on here! I would love to be able to be considered for Mod spot and would love to maybe stream/videos on this game info on YouTube and other sites applicable to your company’s advancement! 38 years of game history…!
  3. Love the game, I’m not really into zombie games, but this one is just amazing, also you can actually proceede through the game and you don’t need to spend money if you really don’t want to, excellent graphics, I found the inventory menu a little confusing lots of things going on but worked it out I think, definitely worth the download, I am loving region 7, ok its not easy by far, at first I hated it ,but it’s grown on me,
  4. Fun shooting game! Easy to pick up and learn. English translation is a little off in the story in places, but nothing major. Edit: Issue regarding sluggishness seems to have been fixed (my supposed fix regarding clearing data wouldn’t ‘take’ once the app was closed – the problem came back). May have been due to an update just days after my initial review – good and prompt service! Received helpful email too, around the same time – thank you!
  5. I haven’t got glued to a good zombie shooter game for the phone in a very long time, but then moment I downloaded this game. I haven’t been able to put it down. Very good game. The controls are easy to use an learn, the story is fun to follow. Graphics are great as well as the sound quality. All in all ????. Throwing number on it… 10/10 Recommend to everyone I know who plays games as such.

Player Bad Reviews

  1. Gameplay is fun… What’s not fun, is having to wait 24 hours for a building to be completed that you had to wait days to get enough stuff to buy it with. And it’s ridiculous that there’s no way to earn money or near enough of it to get any weapon upgraded, along with the fact there’s no way to buy money. Cash prizes are way too low. $300 if you’re lucky a section And the evolution will run you 25 thousand plus… not enough weapon upgrades to complete sections, it just wasn’t planned out well
  2. Even if I did my best already, there is no place for F2P in this game. I never experienced getting a single event gun, plus the drone took me a month to have one. The ads are too invasive, I thought it’s okay at first because you get rewards from it, however, just exiting a campaign mission will make ads appear.
  3. The problems: zombies dodge, duck and weave to avoid hits, like intelligent humans. Every zombie is an Olympic sprinter. Every zombie takes multiple clips to kill. At least half of all your shots miss, even at pb range. You have to languish through forced ads just to claim your “daily freebie.”
  4. Not worth it. Worst drop rates in history, hundreds of premium crates and not even a gun, obvious hackers in competitions, bugs where the map kills you, enemies hit you before even being close, it tries to be “left to survive”, but a very dumbed down version of it… only thing nice is graphics, but it doesn’t justify a download. Pay2Win and Pay2Play
  5. Pay to play. Ads now play automatically even if you didn’t click on it. Machine gun/Sniper rifle are required for some game content, but can only be bought with Gold or hours of Ads. Med kits require Gold, since 10 med kits cost 55 Gold, if one 60 sec Ad gives you One Gold, you will need to watch One Hour of Ads to afford them. The worst part is that a lot of game play is gated behind a pay wall due to the pathetic attempt at town building game mechanic, forcing you to wait hours until progress.

Do FAQs / People also ask?

Q. Is cracked APK safe to download and play?

Yes, This is a 100% safe game to download and play in your smartphone.

Q. How to play Games Mod APK on my PC?

You can play This Is on your PC BYB getting a valid android emulator like BlueS tacks on your PC.

Q. How can we play cracked APK?

This game is not that hard to play. The controls of this game are given on the screen, you can press them according to the directions you want your car to go.

Q. How can I get unlimited Money in ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games Hack APK?

This game is a mod version, which means that you will get unlimited resources without paying any single penny.

Version Required Blew:

Android Version Version numbers Version API level Version Release date
Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 – 4.0.4 14 – 15 October 18, 2011
Jelly Bean 4.1 – 4.3.1 16 – 18 July 9, 2012
KitKat 4.4 – 4.4.4 19 – 20 October 31, 2013
Lollipop 5.0 – 5.1.1 21- 22 November 12, 2014
Marshmallow 6.0 – 6.0.1 23 October 5, 2015
Nougat 7.0 24 August 22, 2016
Nougat 7.1.0 – 7.1.2 25 October 4, 2016
Oreo 8.0 26 August 21, 2017
Oreo 8.1 27 December 5, 2017
Pie 9.0 28 August 6, 2018
Android 10 10.0 29 September 3, 2019
Android 11 11 30 September 8, 2020

Download Direct Link MOD APK – 135 MB

  • Android version required: 4.2 and above
  • Prices on the market (for information!): Free
  • Age of Play: +7 years

ZOMBIE HUNTER Mod APK 1.47.0 (Hack, Unlimited Money)

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