Zombie Hospital MOD APK v2.0.12 (Unlimited Money/Diamond)

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Zombie Hospital MOD APK v2.0.12 (Unlimited Money/Diamond)

APP INFO: Zombie Hospital MOD APK
MOD Features Unlimited Money / Diamond
Category Mod Apk
Size 123 MB
Version v2.0.12
Requires Android 5.0
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You can get Zombie Hospital Mod APK for free

The PRO version of Zombie Hospital APK is Zombie Hospital Mod APK. With the Zombie Hospital Mod APK, it’s easy to do all of the tasks and meet all of the requirements. Getting easy rewards usually takes a lot of time or money, but with Zombie Hospital Mod APK, you can often reach your goals in a very short amount of time. The Zombie Hospital Mod APK is a great way to stand out from the crowd. You can now get Zombie Hospital APK v2.0.12 for free from Trickmekar. This method won’t cost you anything, and you can trust it.

With Trickmekar, you can get Zombie Hospital APK.

You can easily download the Zombie Hospital APK from Trickmekar if you don’t want to download the Zombie Hospital mod APK version. Trickmekar will be the first to update the Zombie Hospital APK version. Users don’t have to download Google Play to update Zombie Hospital APK.

Zombie Hospital Mod APK Zombie Hospital Mod APK

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Zombie Hospital APK v2.0.12 2022 Features

Things have changed a long time ago. Buildings have been destroyed, and bloodthirsty zombies roam the streets. The dangerous virus pandemic quickly spread around the world, and now it’s up to you to deal with the effects. Everyone wants to kill zombies, but in this idle zombie hospital tycoon game, you will heal them. In our idle hospital simulator game, a small group of survivors from the end of the world got together and built a few safe settlements and places to live. Scientists have finally found a way to treat the virus, so we can beat the infection. Therapy in special hospitals has made it possible for every walking dead person to get back to normal. Are you ready to run one of these hospitals for zombies like a business mogul? In our simulator game, you’ll start with a small clinic and do your best to turn it into a modern healing complex for the most dangerous patients in the world. Make new hospitals around the world that aren’t being used to cure all the walking dead. In this idle clicker game, you can take care of the staff, build and improve hospital departments, and treat people who are sick. Give the paramedics good tools, make the recreation area bigger, and equip the command post. Make a fortune in the hospital business! What’s so special about our game that lets you play as a zombie? There are different types of zombies, different medical procedures, a hospital management simulator, and different geo locations. There is a chance that they will attack and lose people. Improve the quality of treatment Keep an eye on the zombies’ health to stop sudden attacks. You can tap to improve the lab where medicines are made. Keep the building of your clinic clean. Put new TVs in the rooms, benches in the yard, and even buy guitars to play around the firepit. This will help your patients beat the beast inside them. Manage your employees. If you want to treat your patients well, you need to hire qualified people. Hire and fire different specialists based on your growth strategy and give them the best medical equipment. All kinds of staff are important, like paramedics, scientists, therapists, builders, and janitors. Don’t let your anger show. Zombies are the most difficult and dangerous patients to treat. If your doctors don’t pay enough attention to them, they might get angry and bite the staff. The whole hospital full of zombies that are not moving is at risk of getting sick. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on patients’ moods, give them things to do, and make the wards more comfortable. Put your extra money to good use. The quality of the utility room, laboratory, procedure room, and paramedic’s room will affect how safe your staff will be and how well they will be treated. Build and improve the wards, the play area, and the office of the psychologist. In our simulator game, keep a close eye on how much water and electricity you have. Pay and get well Governments spend a lot of money and expect your clinics to do the right thing with it. In the world after the end of the world, rehabilitating zombies is a good business. In this game about running a business, you can build your reputation and start treating zombies. Idle Zombie Hospital Tycoon Management game is great if you like clicker games, casual tycoon games, simulators, and idle games. Make decisions that will help your business grow and make more money. Your career starts out in a small clinic, but it can quickly grow into a real hospital business empire and take you to amazing heights. ~~~~~~ In the app store, rate us. and follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZombieHospitalTycoon Join our group on Discord! We’d love to hear what you have to say: https://discord.gg/BJ3ZvRmkRk

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