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Volt Hack 1.0.4 (MOD,Unlocked) Apk + Mod – Volt different and very fun arcade game for Android
Normal version + Mod version (unlock steps and battery) individually
Tested with Offline Run

[appbox googleplay com.quantized.volt]

Volt MOD Unlocked – Volt is the title of an arcade game made and released by Quantize d Bit Studios for $ 1.99 for Android devices. From the very beginning of touch mobile devices, many successful puzzle games have been developed, the key to their success being matching and matching puzzles and touch controls. If you ask a regular gamer today which game they prefer on their mobile device you will usually hear the name of a puzzle game, such as Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds, Cut The Rope. But on the other hand, platform puzzle games are not as shiny as they usually are, so the puzzle section is well designed, but the platform section cannot be as well designed as it should be. Volt has tried to solve this problem and in a step-by-step structure gives the battery control to the gamer, who can do nothing on their own but rotate on their own but can do so instead. Stick to different surfaces using electricity beams. To put it simply, it looks like Cut The Rope and Bionic Commando have come together. Volt is trapped in a recycling plant and plans to flee. You can move him by tapping on the volt, but it will be useless without a moving momentum, because the main motive of the volt is the electric beams that are thrown at and adhered to the surfaces. You can get two active beams of electricity at any time by touching the available surfaces and disconnecting them at any time by swiping. Due to the nature of the “Volt Mod Apk” battery, the amount of electricity used is limited and you have to re-charge the Volt when it’s finished, so if you make your moves without a per-program you will have to step in. Restart it.

Volt Mod Unlocked apk

Volt Mod Apk Unlock all steps game is to reach the end point of the Volt and make Volt one step closer to escaping from the recycling plant. At each stage there will be many traps and obstacles and dangers that will challenge your skills. Volt can handle a few strokes before restarting the stage, but the emphasis is more on the momentum and if you stay where you hit you are likely to get more kicks and be forced into the stage you are in. Restart from scratch. This makes the game’s stages very difficult and challenging, but it’s definitely not something you can handle and you will definitely have an exciting experience. By the way, after going through a few steps you will enter the Bus Fate stage, the mechanisms of which will be slightly different from the previous steps. Visually, the game has a different and unique style. The main character is Salt and has an interesting design but overall dark colors are used in the color selection and the caricature and atmospheric soundtracks evoke fear in the game. In terms of content, the game stages are rich and varied, and there are many items in the game that can be unlocked with the game ahead. Items like new characters and 4-bit stages, etc. that you will get to know more during the game. Volt has scored a 4.0 out of 5.0 on Google Play, and the Trickmekar team wants to give their loved ones the final and purchased version of the game for a free trial. At the end you can download this game from our servers and have fun!

Volt Mod Version v1.0.4 changes:

* Modify and optimize some steps
* Added new mode

Free Download Link

Download the main installation file with Original Apk – 43 MB

Download Direct Attack Game Install – MOD APK – 37 MB

  • Android version required: 4.0.3 and above
  • Prices on the market (for information!): Free
  • Age of Play: +3 years

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