Squad Alpha MOD APK v1.6.4 (Unlimited Gems)

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Squad Alpha MOD APK v1.6.4 (Unlimited Gems)

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MOD Features Unlimited Gems
Category role-playing
Size 435 MB
Version v1.6.4
Requires Android 5.0
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Squad Alpha MOD APK (Unlimited Gems) is an action-shooting game made by the well-known company Say Games. In this game, the way you play is strange, and you can change weapons as often as you want. How hot do you think it is? Now let’s see!

Tell about the Squad Alpha

Say Games is a well-known name in the world of mobile games. Squad Alphas, one of Say Games’s products, has been out for a while now, and people have high hopes for it. Squad Alpha does not let players down at all, as the truth has shown.

This game is a top-down-view arcade shooting action RPG for vertical-screen. People say it’s easy to control, quick, and versatile, especially with its strange way of switching weapons. Let’s see what else is different!


In Squad Alpha, you’ll play as an agent with modern weapons and a set of superhuman skills that can kill enemies in an instant. The game moves quickly and has a lot of small levels. Your only job is to sneak into enemy territory, find them, shoot them, and kill them. There will be many sub-levels in each level. There are more than 200 different levels all together. Each level will be in a different place and have a different kind of enemy. The number, speed, and “quality” of enemies will always get harder as you move to the next stage or level.

How it works and what it has

Things that are good must come first. When you fight, you can use all sorts of cool weapons. If you know how to use the skills you have and choose the right weapons, you’ll be able to fight quickly and win.

But it’s not easy at all to do this quickly. To get weapons, you have to keep upgrading your gear, fight hard for many rewards (coins or materials for upgrading), and hunt aggressively. These guns need to be as rare and strong as they can be. When you win, you can get new weapons. Squad Alpha also has a feature called “Loot,” which will help you improve your weapons in some ways.

When you have many weapons, it can be hard to decide which one to use. Yeah, this game is well-known for letting players pick any weapons they want. But you know, during the game, we’re free to pick up weapons, and if you play well, you’ll have a very large arsenal at some point (there are more than 30 different types of guns in this game). You might never get bored, but it’s not easy at all to choose a few items to change in battle.

Balance is always the key

Even though Squad Alpha’s enemies look cute, you shouldn’t try to hug or hurt them. They never stand still, but move back and forth all the time. You can find them in every single part of this city. Their bodies, shapes, and hot weapons are all very different. There are some that are very dangerous, like the Heavy Robot, which can move quickly like a pinwheel and has a big gun that can shoot in 8 different directions at once.

When you don’t have iron skin, you have to have better skills and weapons to fight them all by yourself. You’ll be able to use some of the most advanced and modern guns in the world, and you’ll be able to protect yourself with special armor. Don’t forget to upgrade your weapons to make them more powerful and faster to fire. And most importantly, you can change weapons for each scene to fit your strength and make the most of it. In general, you can rest easy knowing that even though the enemy is strong, you have a lot of tools to make sure the fight is always fair.

Each weapon is different in how it looks, how fast it moves, and how much damage it does. However, “winning this thing means losing another.” As an example, there is a gun that shoots very slowly but does a lot of damage. One shot from this gun is enough to kill.

Some fast-firing guns, like machine guns, the M298 and the AK47, are not very powerful. When you play, you should always upgrade your weapon as soon as you can, because you will soon have to fight a boss who is much stronger. You can also choose to get new guns with different abilities. You can choose the best way for you based on how much money you have.

Picture and sound

Squad Alpha has 2D graphics that are seen from above. The characters are made in a simple and lovely way. Our agent is an unnamed man with a round head. The enemies are also very cute. Sometimes they look like a group of clumsy robots, and sometimes they look like a strong cowboy…

Also, the sound is funny. When there are battles, the sound of gunfire is so exciting and interesting to hear. It is clear, powerful, and makes sense.

Squad Alpha MOD APK Squad Alpha MOD APK

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Squad Alpha in MOD APK form

MOD feature

Unlimited Gems


When you spend, you get more gems.

Squad Alpha MOD APK for Android can be downloaded from

Squad Alpha is a free game that you can download and play if you like shooting and role-playing in a funny way. There will be a lot of fast-paced, exciting, and unexpected fights here.

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