Ninja Raiden Revenge Hack Apk 1.6.5 (MOD,Unlimited Money)

Ninja Raiden Revenge Hack Apk 1.6.5 (MOD,Unlimited Money) + Mod – Action & Adventure Android Raiden Ninja Revenge
Original version + Mod Mode (Infinite Money) individually
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Ninja Raiden Revenge MOD Apk Unlimited Money is a very action-oriented action game in the adventure game mode developed by the Tenda Games Creative Studio and released for free on Android platforms on Google Play. The Raiden Ninja Revenge game is the first officially released studio in the studio. The Ninja Raiden Revenge is a beautiful, action-packed, and awesome piece of gameplay featuring heroic and fascinating storyline fans! In this game, you are in the role of a skilled and all-round ninja who must be commissioned to save the world. The story of the game relates to the legendary monsters called Orochi; a giant creature and dragon-like 8 serpentine and 8 long tail. The body of this great creature is bloody and its breath is fiery. Old myths say this is as large as 8 valleys and 8 hills. This scary monster revives once every 100 years and brings the world to horror. No one has ever succeeded in defeating this devil, and so far no one has been able to even act against the destruction of this dangerous entity. Now, after years, this scary fiction is re-colouring itself. Orochi is awake again and comes to the destruction of humans. He begins to destroy all villages and cities, and destroys anyone who sees them or as a meal! After dozens of villages, these come to the village of ninjas or the village of winds. He destroys almost everyone in a massive attack. Even the best ninjas can not survive this terrifying devil. Almost all the ninjas and people of this village are destroyed except for a ninja called Raiden. Raiden is a ninja from the Sasanou generation (Hurricane Emperor) and commemorates her to save humanity. Now you are in the role of this ninja and saviour of humanity, sent to a dangerous mission to destroy Oroochi and his evil forces! Raiden is a dangerous and adventurous journey to save the surviving people and take revenge on her family and loved ones. The awesome two-dimensional graphics and game scene designs are featured in the Ninja Raiden Revenge. The game comes face-to-face with Fast-paced gameplay. In this game, you have to go to the enemies with the main character and use the weapons he possesses to destroy each and every one of them.

Ninja Raiden Revenge MOD Unlimited Money apk

Some Adventure Games Features – Ninja Raiden Revenge Android Action:

Unparalleled design of the atmosphere, characters and lighting
Fun, action and adventure gameplay
Role-playing as a real ninja and a real revenge
Travel to different locations and territories to confront the great devil and his army
There are 8 different maps with 96 steps
There are enemies on different levels and dangerous and scary bosses like zombies and monsters
Ability to personalize and enhance the skills and abilities of the main character of the game
Convenient and convenient virtual controllers
Excellent graphics with a lot of detail but with a very small volume

Ninja Raiden Revenge Main Apk is an unparalleled offer for all players interested in action and fiction games. The good design of the stages, the enemies and the main character of the game, will give you a new experience of bloody struggles. In this game, you can feel the ninja experience well. The Raiden Ninja Revenge with over 10,000 active downloads in less than a couple of days in Google Play has gained a good score of 4.4 out of 5.0 and will become one of Google’s Trend games. Come along with Raiden and accompany him on this dangerous journey to take revenge on his family and loved ones! Farsi version of the tried and tested version of this compact game has been downloaded for download.

Ninja Raiden Revenge Mod Apk V1.6.5 version changes:

* Fixing Stage 3 problem from the third part of the game

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