Minimal Escape Hack 24 (Hack Unlimited Stages)

Minimal Escape Hack 24 (Hack Unlimited Stages) + Mod – Arcade Minimal Escape Adventure Games for Android
Normal Edition + Mod Mode (can run unlimited game stages) individually
Tested with offline run

Minimal Escape MOD Apk Unlimited Run – is the title of a very nice and entertaining arcade style game using arcade elements that is a product of South Korea’s And Games creative studio. The story of Minimal Escape is about the story of a little fairy in a fantasy and fantasy world. This mysterious world is unclear whether it’s a nightmare for the main characters, or the scary future of our world! Your task is to solve the puzzles in the role of this little creature in this great world and try to explore this fantasy world by avoiding various obstacles. In this game, there are hundreds of puzzles, puzzles and physical barriers that will challenge not only your logic, but also the skill of quick reactions and the ability to focus on your mind. Throughout the game, you will go to dozens of abandoned and diverse areas and different types of interesting and innovative puzzles! The game maker says many of the game puzzles are built exactly in accordance with the laws of physics and must be overcome in accordance with these standards. The design stages of the game are all made manually and with the creator’s ideas of the group. These puzzles and riddles are from simple to very thought-provoking puzzles. In terms of graphics and visual design, the game Minimal Escape Mod is very attractive and spectacular, with a unique atmosphere. One of the biggest and most important strengths of the game is the amazing text music that, with dramatic effects, makes the game so inviting, so we recommend playing the game with sound.

Minimal Escape Mod apk

Some of the features of Minimal Escape Android:

Interesting design with great graphics
Unmatched design of the dark, surreal and mysterious atmosphere of the game
Adventure and arcade style with interesting and fascinating storyline
There are a variety of challenging brain teasers
There are dozens of puzzle types and physical challenges
Travel to different locations and experience a mysterious adventure
It has 24 story stages
Made with the Unity Gaming Engine
There are tips for solving puzzles
There are dozens of paths, items and hidden privileges
Simple and trouble-free controllers
Excellent environmental sounds
Audible and uncommon soundtrack

Minimal Escape Mod apk is a work of art. This game has been adapted from selected works such as the Limbo game, and has been developed with interesting features. Enjoy fantastic sound during the game. The sounds of the surroundings, just like an abandoned area, are well simulated in this game, and except this case, if you listen carefully to these sounds, you can get cool things from environmental items. The game has been downloaded to hundreds of thousands of times by Android users around the world. We suggest downloading the gameplay video from the download section to get familiar with the style and how to play the game. Then you can download the regular version of Minimal Escape from Farsi as tested.

Note: To play the game in normal mode, there are limited lives at each stage that you can recharge by viewing their advertisements. There is no problem in the mod mode, and you can run the game indefinitely.

Minimal Escape Mod Apk version v24

* Bug fix
* Added guide view
* Translation game to several other languages

Free Download Link

Download installation file Mod Apk

  • Android version required: 2.3.2 and above
  • Prices in the market (for information!): Free
  • Age rating: +12 years

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