Jelly Shift MOD APK v1.8.28 (Unlimited Money)

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Jelly Shift MOD APK v1.8.28 (Unlimited Money)

MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Action
Size 67 MB
Version v1.8.28
Requires Android 5.0
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Jelly Shift MOD APK (Unlimited Money) At a time when action role-playing games and survival games were the most popular, entertainment games still held a steady place in the market for mobile games. Most of the time, funny games from Voodoo publisher or Kiloo, like Subway Surfers, are well-known.


And today I’m going to tell you about a brand-new game from Seigeims called Jelly Shift!

This is a casual game with easy controls that has gotten a lot of attention since it came out. After only two months, the game has been downloaded more than 1 million times from Google Play.


Jelly Shift is a fun game that plays like an endless runner game. This means that if you don’t make any mistakes, the game will never end. Endless runner games are often simple and easy to play, but they are all very different and can be very fun. Temple Run or Talking Tom Hero Dash are good examples of this. These are really fun games in this genre that you should try at least once.

Jelly Shift is played by swiping up or down to change the shape of the jelly running across the screen. This helps it catch the food that is trying to get away from it. But that change has to match the width of the obstacle in front of you so that the jelly fits perfectly through it. The obstacles come in many different shapes, including squares, rectangles, triangles, and circles. So, players need to be quick and skilled to get past obstacles.

The 3D space of the game is interesting, but it’s hard to tell how big the jelly is compared to the obstacles that are coming. So, the game was made so that each challenge has jelly “shadows” that make it easier to format.

Challenges that are getting harder

Challenging: If you want to get the jelly’s food, you’ll have to go through a lot of different challenges and levels. The first few levels of Jelly Shift are just for getting used to the game. There aren’t many obstacles and they move slowly. But the most interesting part is always what happens behind the scenes! After the “warm-up” levels, the game gets progressively harder as the speed goes up. More obstacles that look like difficulties pop up, and the jelly acts like an extra motor, running tape as if something is after it. Not to mention that the zigzag turns will throw off the rhythm and catch the players by surprise.

Another thing to remember about this game is that you don’t have to get past all of the obstacles to finish the level. You will get Fever points every time you do a series of “breakthrough” phases with perfect levels. When the Fever bar is full, you can’t be stopped. The speed goes up until you feel dizzy, and you have to run to the finish line.

A tip for players: try to play carefully in the first few challenges to get enough Fever bars. This will take you a long way or get you to the finish line in one turn.

Find new jelly

During each level, this game will throw gems in random places. They can be collected by players. When you get a certain number of gems, you can unlock many items in the store, including your jelly outfit. There are lots of lovely jellies out there for you to find.


As I said above, Jelly Shift has a 3D graphics platform with more than one space, but it is still pretty simple. The images in the game are bright and beautiful, and they change as you move through each level. You won’t get bored of this game at all. The game also has its own music, which is soft and fits with how it is played.

Jelly Shift MOD APK

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MOD version of Jelly Shift for Android

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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Jelly Shift is a simple game that can be hard to put down. The game is easy and fun to play, and it doesn’t take a long time or have a lot of complicated rules. You can play it after school, on the bus, or even in the bathroom. Get this game now to have a great time relaxing. Don’t forget to ask your friends to play with you so you can beat them.

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