Hungry Dragon MOD APK v4.6 (Unlimited Money)

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Hungry Dragon MOD APK v4.6 (Unlimited Money)

APP INFO: Hungry Dragon MOD APK
MOD Features Unlimited Money / Free Shopping
Category role-playing
Size 136 MB
Version v4.6
Requires Android 5.0
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With the Hungry Dragon MOD APK (Unlimited Money) version on TRICKMEKAR, you can unlock your favorite dragons and resurrect them as many times as you want.

Tell about the Hungry Dragon

Have you ever played a game like Hungry Shark or Big Fish Swallow? I think these games are a lot of fun and would be great for people who like to play games for fun. And the big news is that the game’s publisher, Ubisoft Entertainment, has officially brought back the “air” version of Hungry Dragon, which is a very attractive game. You won’t have to dive under the water anymore, and you’ll be free to fly in the sky.

Hungry Dragon’s gameplay

If you play the game Hungry Dragon Hack Apk, you will become friends with a very cute dragon named Nibbler. But Nibbler is not like most dragons. He was hungry all the time and wanted to eat anything. He can eat big birds, animals from the mountains, or even small animals that dare to enter the eye. If it were possible, Nibbler might be able to eat the whole sun.

In Hungry Dragon MOD APK, you must help Nibbler eat as many creatures as possible so that he can stay alive. If Nibbler doesn’t eat, his strength will go down, which could cause him to die of hunger. Look at the blue blood bar in the upper right corner of the screen to see how long your dragon can live and how much it needs to eat to stay alive. The longer the dragon will live, the more vitality you will gain the bigger the creature. But you need to watch out for things in the air that could hurt you. Most of the time, these creatures look weird and scary. If your dragon doesn’t eat right, not only will it not get more blood, but it will also lose blood and die right away.

Also, dragons in Hungry Dragon APK can also spray fire, which is a very primitive skill. Not only will eating your prey raise your blood pressure, but it will also help you get stronger. When your power is at its maximum, you can use your fire skills or speed up, whichever you prefer.

Flying isn’t restricted

You can play Hungry Dragon MOD APK forever. You can fly and eat anything you want to. When the dragon dies, the game is over. Eat more to get more points and set the game record for most points. Don’t forget to get gold coins in every game. You can use them to get access to other dragons in the game. The faster your dragon grows, the more you eat. Dragon is bigger, more interesting to look at, and stronger. Let the dragon’s power loose and burn everything in its path. Especially since you have taken over a different land with each stage, from the cave to the sky to the fairy village,…

There are 10 kinds of dragons

You can play this game to unlock up to 10 different kinds of dragons, each with its own style and full color. You can also buy costumes for the dragon that make it smarter, stronger, and crazier. But I think it doesn’t matter if you see a big or small dragon. In Hungry Dragon MOD APK, the player’s flying skills are the most important thing. With the game’s easy-to-use controls, you don’t have to worry too much about how it works, but you will need to practice for a while to get good at it.

Beautiful design like a dream

What stands out to me about Hungry Dragon HACK APK is how beautiful the graphics are. The surrounding scenery was made in 3D and looks very real and beautiful. As you fly, you can feel more and more clouds. Specifically, you can recognize Jack’s leg from the well-known story. Everything in this game seems like it came from a storybook. Also, the drag effect is very flexible and easy to use. The cute and fun dragons in the game will win you over in the first game for sure.

Hungry Dragon MOD APK

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MOD feature

Unlimited Money: When you first start this game, you have a lot of money.

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Games made by Ubisoft are always fun. The game Hungry Dragon is no different. You can download this fun action game from the links below.

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