Hotel Craze Mod APK 1.0.54 (Hack Unlimited Gold Diamonds)

Hotel Craze Mod APK 1.0.54 (Hack Unlimited Gold Diamonds) + Mod – Hotel Craze game: The story of the Grand Hotel Android
Normal version + mod version (infinite gold and diamonds) separately
Tested with offline performance

APP INFO: Hotel Craze Mod APK
Update On June 2, 2022
MOD Features Unlimited Gold Diamonds / Free Shopping
Category Puzzle
Size 154M
Version v1.0.54
Requires Android 5.0
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Hotel Craze Mod APK Unlimited Gold Diamonds – is the name of a game in the strategic genre, published by the game studio TECHVISION LIMITED for Android devices. Game Development Studio has already released good games for gamers in the Android Market and has a successful game development record. Hotel Craze: Grand Hotel Story is another good game from this game studio, which brings you a unique experience by providing great gameplay and fun content.

This game takes you on a great and enjoyable adventure, where you enter a large hotel and take care of your visitors and try to make them happy with their stay at your hotel. Your main goal in Hotel Craze: Grand Hotel Story is to earn the most money for your hotel so that you can grow and develop your hotel and become one of the most famous and famous hotels in the world. Gradually you can establish other branches of your hotel around the world and become a chain hotel and turn your brand into a respected brand.

Hotel Craze: Grand Hotel Story mod apk

In Hotel Craze Mod APK, your visitors from all over the world come to your hotel and each of them may stay at your hotel for fun and excursions or for other reasons. These visitors have different needs that need to be addressed. For example, some visitors may want to have a drink, some visitors may want to have a meal, and some visitors may want to do nothing and just relax.

Hotel Craze Mod apk Offline

You need to quickly form your own hotel staff so that they can meet the needs of all visitors. Your team can consist of service staff, chefs, janitors, waitresses, workrooms, and. Like most other games in this genre that have the same dynamics and the same style of gameplay, at first, the food, drinks, rooms, and different parts of your hotel are limited, but then you can earn money. and you will be able to unlock all kinds of food like pizza and hamburgers and all kinds of drinks like green tea and coffee and many parts of the hotel and access and use many of the items that the game provides you with.

Hotel Craze mod apk unlimited money


Hotel Craze: Grand Hotel Story has become one of the most popular and popular games in the Android Market with a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 and has been downloaded more than 500,000 times by gamers from all over the world. Therefore, HackDL team intends to provide this amazing and lovely game in two main versions and a modded version, without any restrictions. Now you can download this game, which has already been tested by our team, through the direct links at the end of the article, completely free of charge, and enjoy playing it!

Hotel Craze mod apk latest version

Hotel Craze: Grand Hotel Story Mod APK Changes in version 1.0.54

New update is available for Hotel Craze!
— Golden Key Contest is coming! Challenge the most difficult levels, and win amazing rewards! Now, let’s go for the ultimate prize!

Player Good review

  1. I enjoy this game. It’s challenging but not too hard… I like that you can watch adverts to speed up your deliveries, and the ads give you more coins and tokens for the shop. Love the Greek hotel with the different couples in the love seat, really impressed they weren’t all same-sex couples. Been playing for quite a while now, and I’m hooked. At the last hotel and the bonuses have lessened, so you can’t upgrade as quickly. No extra goes if you fail a level now. Bring those back, please! I’m not happy.
  2. I LOVE this game. I have tried all the hotel service games. This is the only one that I enjoy and that isn’t glitchy. If you like these types of games, this is the one. They’re always adding new hotels from around the world with new challenges, so you never get bored.
  3. I love this game very much. Every time I got bored, I will play this, and I’m all good. Can I just make a suggestion? I think it will be cute that every time there is a changed of location, the outfit of the employee and the guests also changes depends on country. I think that will look amazing ??❤
  4. Great game to pass time! Rather challenging as you escalate to higher level. Free bonus are given to you from time to time
  5. It’s quite fun. What I don’t like is that the gold I tried hard to get becomes useless in the new map. When I got bored, new updates came. Sakura hotel is not fun at all. I just can win some level, then I can’t win without boost. I keep playing for pets. Pets are cute, but it’s too expensive to buy them food or medicine CUZ diamond is not easy to earn. Now I’m too bored to play

Player Bad review

  1. This used to be my favorite game. And I was very excited about the animals that was brought in after the latest update. Only to find that I can not finish levels and use my pets without buying an s#’t load of diamonds. I will not support the creators of this game anymore, because of greediness?
  2. No one SELLS a product for free. It’s not the ads because they are stellar…like not at all bothersome , in fact barely even noticeable. Its runs smoothly, it’s up-to-date, and kind of fun plot twist in this type of app. So why just the one star? Like I stated b4 “a salesman” is not” a salesman ” without a product , unfortunately given that staple of society as a whole, …thus is as well a fact that “a customer” is not “a customer “unless they spend the almighty dollar. So if you got green DL now
  3. Used to be great, however now when you finally save up your diamonds that they rarely give for the upgrade you want if you are sleeping when its delivered It’s gone along with your diamonds. I don’t play unwinnable games, sorry.
  4. TLDR: A tease. Proceed with disdain, It’ll tick you off. Eventually. The game itself is fun. A Diner Dash style game, which is a bit addicting. Thus, the frustration at the looming paywall around the end of the second hotel, (I think it’s around level 15(?). After about a month, I still can’t beat That One Level without the “gems” that happen to be on a “once in a lifetime” sale…then reminds you that you’re never getting “this deal” again. Again, is in about five minutes.
  5. I like Flo’s hotel dash way better. At least that game is more realistic to how a hotel is run. The bell boy slash waiter only has his hands in this game,making it that much harder to complete a task. You were also working the front desk and serving the customers. Too much multitasking. So smarts come into play,who gets what first.

Hotel Craze Apk Mod

Do FAQs / People also ask?

Q. Is Mod APK safe to download and play?

Yes, This is a 100% safe game to download and play on your smartphone.

Q. How to play Mod APK on my PC?

You can play This Is on your PC BYB getting a valid android emulator like BlueS tacks on your PC.

Q. How can we play Hotel Craze Hack APK?

This game is not that hard to play. The controls of this game are given on the screen, you can press them according to the directions you want your car to go.

Q. How can I get unlimited Money in Hotel Craze Mod APK?

This game is a mod version, which means that you will get unlimited resources without paying any single penny.

Hotel Craze: Grand Hotel Story MOD Features: Unlimited Money

Free Download Link

Download Direct MOD APK – 149 MB

  • Android version required: 4.1 and above
  • Prices on the market (for information!): Free
  • Age of Play: +3 years

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