Galaxy on Fire 3 Hack 1.6.9 (MOD,Unlock) Apk+Data

Galaxy on Fire 3 Hack 1.6.9 (MOD,Unlock) Apk+Data – Action Games Air Battle in Android Mighty Combat Data 
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  Galaxy on Fire 3 Apk – Manticore In Persian ” Galaxy on Fire 3 Apk ” is a new and fantastic action game genre from Deep Silver for Android , which just two minutes ago we saw its release on Google Play and again, as always, decided For the first time in Iran , we introduce the presence of you and the lovers of the unique and unique games of Android and bring you joy! After the release of the second version of the game, we are now witnessing the release of its third edition, the fantastic Galaxy on Fire 3 Apk – Manticore game this time with a new scenario into the galaxy to reassure its enthusiasts! In the new chapter of the game, you are in the role of a well-trained military force stationed at the Manticore military base to engage in serious battle with the galaxy criminals at the right time, by arresting enemy spies and discovering attack plans, you can battle with enemies Go for your own misfortune! The ultimate goal of Galaxy on Fire 3 is to discover the cause of a phenomenon of geology called Shattering; new chapters added to this game will pit you in air strikes to identify the real estate of the hills! In fact, this game will allow you to seize the spacecraft of your friends and capture a huge part of the galaxy with the support of the Romantic Military Base! If you’re an Android gaming enthusiast, do not miss the Galaxy on Fire 3 Apk – Manticore graphics game!

Galaxy on Fire 3 Apk  – Romantic has not yet downloaded Google Play and will download it as the first global user to experience it! Galaxy on Fire 3 Apk The presence of stunning 3D graphics, a native control board with easy-to-control controls, and a very amazing sounding of the great reasons behind the game’s success, as well as the very intelligent and sophisticated features of this game have made the old devices Stay tuned for Android! For those who do not know, many of the previous games of this series have been described as “the best gaming space for smartphones,” Galaxy on Fire 3 Apk and the developer also came up with the Galaxy on Fire 3 – Romantic, with an extraordinary graphics and fun game play again. To prove. So choose your own space ship and go to an enduring war with the rest of the players! You will be able to view screenshots and trailer of the game, and if you want to download the first version of the game from high-speed servers.

Note: The game’s prerequisite is to install Android 6, and it only comes with no problem on OpenGL 3.1 devices; in order to know how many open source devices your CPU utilizes (cpu-z) do.

Galaxy on Fire 3 Apk V1.6.9 version changes:

* Fix game problems + Various optimizations.

Galaxy on Fire 3 Apk Galaxy on Fire 3 Apk

Instructions for installing and running the Galaxy on Fire 3 Apk game:

– Download and install installation file first.

Get the data file and unzip it. Com folder Copy dsfishlabs.gofmanticore in the Android / obb path of the internal memory.

– Finally, run the game.

Free Download Link

Download Direct Link Direct Download – 49 MB

Download game data file with direct link – 1700 MB

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