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TouchNap v2.4.7 – An interesting and functional app to prevent Android snooze!
Purchased version at 0.99. Thank you loved ones

One of the most enjoyable sleeping hours is the nap after awakening, so that all of us, after waking up, are drowned again or sometimes we fall into deep sleep. It may be pleasurable, but in some cases we will not be able to do our daily activities or miss important appointment appointments. So it can be said that when you’re asleep, you do not wake up completely and our brains do not properly order the pursuit of activities. There are several ways to avoid snoozing. Today, we plan to introduce one of them in a different application to your Farsroed users. The TouchNap is a fantastic program to prevent snoozing in a fully functional Android mode, released by Kwarkbit at Android Market for $ 0.99. One of the best features of this software is to stop it from being able to snooze alarms that you can end up with, and you can end your nap without setting a pre-set time. The way the software works is that, like a guitar game, a set of circles appears on the screen that you should try to touch all of them. Over time, these circles disappear and disappear from the screen, in which case your muscles are ready to wake up and start daily activities.

The TouchNap app has been released with the support of a simple yet unique concept for $ 0.99 at the Google Policeman Market and has received over 10,000 downloads from 4.3 Android 5.0 users. Get the latest version of this app from Forex and end your favorite snooze after a dream.



TouchNap V2.4.7 version changes:

* Fix application and optimization problems for Android O!


What’s New

Just a couple of improvements 🙂

Free Download Link

Download the installed file of the program with direct link – 2 MB


  • Android version required: 4.1 and above
  • Prices in the market (for information!): $ 0.99


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