Fast Reboot Pro 5.1 Apk Fast Android Device Restore

Fast Reboot Pro 5.1 Apk Fast Android Device Restore – Fast Android reboot app
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Many users use the Android to increase the speed of the device several times during the day, turning the smartphone on or off, or so-called “reboot”, so that they can be more fluid than their device. But one of the biggest problems with this kind of reboot is the high consumption of battery and high pressure on the device resources, which will undoubtedly become troublesome over time. There are several ways to increase the speed of the mobile phone, one of the best of which is the quick reboot of the device! Fast Reboot Pro is a great program for fast rebooting of Android devices developed by Great Bytes Software. Just install the software and use the features available to see a multiplier increase in speed without any need for any kind of turning on and off! You may have noticed yourself yet, but contrary to what other sites have explained about this software, the reboot does not trigger the actual device, but it simulates it in a completely professional manner! In a simulated fast reboot mode, all RAM and CPU resources are free from any processing, which makes it exactly the same as the reboot in the device. Simulation of this command, unlike the original mode, does not cause any problems for the battery, but it also helps to save battery life. Additionally, you do not need to run the program every day and execute commands from the beginning, but it’s just that the startup is scheduled to perform the necessary actions on a fully automated basis every day.

With its unique system, Fast Reboot Pro has gained users’ confidence and scored 4.5 out of 5.0 by Google’s users, which can now download the latest version of it from the website. Get Farsi and Farsi in Persian.

Fast Reboot Pro V5.1 version changes:

* Added support for Android 8.0.

Fast Reboot Pro Fast Reboot Pro

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