Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk 3.7.1 (Hack, Unlimited Money)

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APP INFO: Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category ACTION
Size 45 MB
Version v3.7.1
Requires Android 5.0
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Bus Simulator Indonesia will transport you to a beautiful Southeast Asian country known for its rich culture and breathtaking ancient structures. If you have ever considered visiting Indonesia or setting foot on its soil but have yet to experience all of the magnificence that this location has to offer, you should do so.Do you think that’s a little unfortunate? However, don’t be too hasty to feel bad about your decision because playing this game will help you achieve your goal of becoming a bus driver. You will be in charge of picking up passengers in the game. Even when you are at home, you have complete freedom to travel within the United States.


When you begin the game, you will see a magnificent environment depicting the country of Indonesia, and you will sit in the bus driver’s seat to drive your car about. Don’t lose sight of the task, have fun, or be irresponsible while exploring this land. Your job is to keep a firm grip on the steering wheel while driving your passengers up and down the map. After completing the missions, you will receive evaluation scores and bonuses that you can spend to improve the appearance of your car.

To complete the assignment and bring the passengers to their destination, you must be a good driver and take care not to endanger anyone. To manage everything, you must constantly be adaptable and quick. Don’t worry, the controls are the same and the game is simple to learn. The cockpit is created in such a way that it feels real and simple to use. You’ll get used to controlling the automobile with the steering wheel, gas pedal, and brake.


Bus Simulator Indonesia includes more than 10 distinct bus models and colors, so you won’t get bored. The developer was also cautious while modeling cars in the style of buses that are popular in Indonesia. You can find them in the garage and buy a car that stands out from the crowd. There is a significant price difference between the cheapest car, which costs only 100,000 Rp, and the greatest and most costly car, which costs 1,800,000 Rp. So, if you desire a car collection, you must work hard and earn a lot of money.

If you enjoy being creative and want your automobile to look amazing and reflect who you are, the system still provides a custom option where you can customize everything. You can modify the color of the car or customize its interior and exterior. When you get to the upgrade section, you can also change the tires, headlights, and speakers on your car. There are a lot of options, and the majority of them aren’t too expensive, so you can easily switch them out.


In a good simulation game like this one, even the aesthetics are difficult to criticise. The game’s appearance is created with stunning 3D graphics that are rich in depth. When a game combines high-quality 3D graphics and powerful image processing techniques, it might consume a significant amount of data. So, if you want to play the game smoothly, you’ll need a powerful computer. But don’t worry, because this game takes up a lot of space, your experience will not be compromised.

Because the game’s designers modeled the roads, locales, and big buildings on real-life photos of Indonesia, you may experience the country’s natural splendor to the fullest. Even the game’s map is large enough to make you feel as if you’re on a trip to this region that you may visit whenever you like.

Come to Bus Simulator Indonesia if you love this nation and want to learn more about its beauty. Everything will make you joyful. You can also learn more about the operation of a bus. So, what are you waiting for if you want to learn more about this job?

Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk


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  • Control is really simple and intuitive.
  • Places in Indonesia that feel really Indonesian
  • Buses in Indonesia
  • Honks that are amusing and intriguing
  • “Teleolet Om!” (Make some noise with your horn, Uncle!
  • 3D graphics with higher quality and greater detail
  • There can’t be any advertisements that would distract you while driving.
  • Leaderboard
  • Online data storage
  • You can utilize your own 3D model with the vehicle modification system.
  • Convoy for online games with a large number of participants