Beat Fire Mod Apk 1.1.96 (Hack, Unlimited Money) + Mod – Music and attractive game “Bit Fire” for Android
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Beat Fire Mod Apk Unlimited MoneyBeat Fire The name of an exciting and very entertaining game in the style of musical titles, which has been published by an anonymous studio called Adamic Music, which is an independent and small studio in Hong Kong. Although many games have been released in this field and most of them have many similarities, Beat Fire – EDM Music & Gun Sounds are one of the most attractive ones, which has succeeded in gaining popularity with a slightly different idea.

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Play more of the common games in this style. This time, we decided to prepare another interesting and entertaining game at your request, dear ones, and provide it to you with a modified version, in a tested and free form, so that you can do it very easily and quickly. Download the latest version from HackDL and have fun. Beat Fire – EDM Music & Gun Sounds, as its title suggests, is a combination of musical style and targeting. In this game, like most other musical games, you have to target the music notes and hunt them to follow the desired song and continue the rhythm of the game in the same way until the desired song in that part. Play this way. In Bonfire, your main priority is to quickly, accurately and timely capture music notes that are moving from the top of the screen to the bottom.

Beat Fire Mod Apk
Beat Fire Mod Apk

Beat Fire Mod APK – Like most games of this genre, it is in the EDM or Electronic Dance Music genre. The reason for this choice is quite logical and reasonable. Because electronic songs and music are very exciting and very suitable for such games. That’s why musical style games are among the most interesting and exciting games today. The gameplay and learning process is easy, but the game sometimes has its own challenges. You have to hold your finger on the screen to control the target sing and as soon as you see the music notes that are seen as colored squares, you aim at them to help them with the gun you have.

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Be fired. There are dozens of intriguing and audible music in Beat Fire – EDM Music & Gun Sounds, each collected in one step. By following the steps of the game and receiving points, you can earn money and use it to buy game items, including better weapons. Beat Fire – EDM Music & Gun Sounds is also very well-designed. The game‘s designs are graphic and minimalist, and many attractive effects have been used, such as glitch effects. Bonfire has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google Play and has been able to do so Also get a good score of 4.7 out of 5.0. In the following, you can download the latest version of the regular or modded version of this game as tested and free from HackDL.