Bad Piggies MOD APK v (Unlimited Money)


OiNk! Build makeshift contraptions from a huge collection of parts and make it to the goal without blowing your vehicle to pieces!
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Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Nov 23, 2022
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Bad Piggies MOD APK v2.4.3296 (Unlimited Money)

APP INFO:  Bad Piggies MOD APK
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Mod Games
Size 93 MB
Version v2.4.3296
Requires Android 5.0
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We can see Angry Birds well. They are cute and funny birds. I agree 100%. But do you think Piggies feel lonely because no one helps them? Because of this, Rovio made Bad Piggies MOD APK (Unlimited Money), a very interesting puzzle game about Piggies going on an adventure.

About Bad Piggies

After nearly 10 years of work, Rovio’s Angry Birds series has become a hugely popular game that has been downloaded billions of times on many different operating systems. Many games, like Angry Birds Go! and Angry Birds Match, were based on the fight between the Angry Birds and the Piggies. But maybe we were too harsh on the Piggies.

Graphs that look like Angry Birds

The pictures in Bad Piggies Hack Apk don’t say much. The game looks like Rovio’s other games. 2D graphics are very pretty, bright, and full of color. The game looks like a cute and funny cartoon, so it can be played by people of all ages, even kids.

Piggies journey

Bad Piggies MOD APK is more peaceful and helpful than Angry Birds, which is mostly about attacking and destroying things. In this game, your job is to build a car that will help the blue pig get from where it started to where it needs to go without getting hurt. The game is a lot like Love Balls, but instead of drawing the path with a pen, you have to put together a simple car from the parts that are given to you.

Once you’re done, your car will move on its own. Your job is to put together the parts, like wheels, frames, boosters, etc., that are needed and figure out how to get the blue pig to the finish line. On the way, you can use the thrust created by the devices you paired to move the car in any way you want. If Piggies falls before you reach your goal, the game is over. But keep in mind that if you bring the blue pig to the destination even if your car is destroyed, you still win.

Piggies’ job is still to steal Angry Birds’ eggs, of course. You need to pick up enough eggs along the way if you want to get the maximum score (3 stars) in the game.

200 levels and 40 special levels

When you play Bad Piggies, you have to solve 200 puzzles, which are the game’s 200 levels. After getting 3 stars on a few levels, you’ll be able to play 40 special levels. Ground Hog Day and When Pigs Fly are the two game modes. If you get stuck at Ground Hog Day for too long, you can relax by practicing in When Pigs Fly mode.

Even though the game encourages creativity, you can only use a certain number of tools on each level because of the rules of that level. If you want to get the highest score, you have to do everything the game tells you to do.

At hard levels, you’ll probably fail a lot and stay there for a long time. When playing puzzle games, this is often a big pain. People often say that if you fail, you are just one step closer to success. Don’t stop trying!

Do you need help?

If you get stuck, you can ask Bad Piggies Hack Apk for help. The game will show you how to put together a standard car to get the highest score possible on that level. You have to pay for things, of course. But Rovio gives players 3 free supports—you just have to like Bad Piggies MOD APK on Facebook—to help them figure out how to use this help. Remember to only use it when you’re really stuck!

Bad Piggies MOD APK

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MOD Feature

Unlimited Money: You can use as many Snouts as you want.

Bad Piggies MOD APK for Android can be found here

I’ve played about 60 levels of Bad Piggies, and I can say that the game is easy to play but hard to win. If you know how to beat a hard level of the game, share it with everyone in the comments section below.

What's new

Made some minor fixes, but only you can stop these pigs from crashing.

Please note that you cannot install both Bad Piggies and Bad Piggies HD at the same time on the same device.


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