American Dad MOD APK v1.36.0 (Mod: Unlimited money)

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American Dad MOD APK v1.36.0 (Mod: Unlimited money)

APP INFO: American Dad MOD APK
MOD Features Unlimited Money / Free Shopping
Category puzzle
Size 192 MB
Version v1.36.0
Requires Android 5.0
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What’s up, Dad? The popular American cartoon with the same name is the inspiration for the game Apocalypse Soon APK. Since it came out, this animated movie has become a big hit. Now you can watch that hit movie again and see why it was so popular by looking at how this RPG strategy game re-creates it.

Tell about the American Dad! The End Is Near

All of the stuff in American Dad MOD APK Apocalypse Soon will make you think hard about who should go where, what moves are best, and how to beat the enemy… What’s great about American Dad APK Apocalypse Soon is that, based on the original setting in the original cartoon, the publisher has added so many interesting things to make the rest of the book appealing and stimulating to every cell. Now let’s see!


The town of Langley Falls is where the story starts. One day, suddenly, a bunch of UFOs flew down and rained bullets on everything—things, buildings, people, etc.—causing chaos that had never been seen before. UFOs used a strange light to shine in people’s faces and then take them away on ships. This was especially true for people. You’ll play as Stan, a good person who lives in the town. The Stans were taken by aliens in that strange event.

The only person who didn’t get caught was the father, Stan Smith. He started looking for different ways to fight the aliens and save his family.

Everything was broken down. Stan chose to make a military base out of his own house. As Stan, you will start to build this place and turn it into a grand strategic space with many different rooms, like a money-printing room, cloning lab, tunnel for making weapons, etc. And because Stan (and you) worked so hard as a breadwinner, he was able to save his family and become the only breadwinner in the world.

Your job is to work with a bunch of Roger clones in the basement and use your strength, skill, wisdom, and creativity to fight the aggressive aliens. You will have to do a lot of things in your house to get ready to fight. Build a room in the bunker, print money, and then use the money to fix up the house. Divide the rooms, build a cloning lab, and keep making items, weapons, and copies of Roger (doppelgangers). Money is important in the game, so you should always make sure you have a way to get it. With money, you can also buy lots of different tools for yourself and your clones. Then you should get this army of clones trained quickly. Then send each of them out there to deal with the aliens.

The game looks like it’s for kids, but it’s not

And I don’t think kids will like playing American Dad Mod Apk The End of the World Soon! The main type of game this is is a strategy RPG. Oh, you did hear it correctly. Not fighting, but planning.

The macro and micro management phases will take up most of your time during the game. Well, you will have to fight against the enemy in the end. But first, you will spend a lot of time making plans, building bases, and coming up with different ways to fight off the enemy. Overall, it looks like a lot of fun, but it’s hard to play and requires a lot of strategy. Even grown-ups can’t play yet.

Players can’t stop playing because the game’s progress is so interesting

Here’s a quick summary of what happened: First, you turn your basement into a place where Roger clone armies can be made. This is also where you can live, work, do research, print money, train, get weapons, and make your army stronger.

At first, you can only open a few basements. This is mostly so you can keep track of the aliens and traitors on the ground. And also to hide while getting back at someone. Then, you can use the money you printed and won from attacks on the ground to open up more underground areas, make more advanced technologies, and help in the long war that follows.

During the time you spend making plans and making things, the clone army and aliens will fight some big and small battles (or humans who are their minions). These gunfights are done in a turn-based way, but they happen very quickly. In general, these bloody battles are what drive players who like to fight to do all of the above things to get ready. For people who like strategy games, each battle is like a summary of all the hard work they did in the underground labs and crafting rooms to get where they are now.

No matter what genre you like, the fast-paced gunfights between Stan’s clone army and enemies on the ground will keep you interested.

American Dad Mod Apk

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There are plenty of tools and weapons for an army of Roger clones

In American Dad Mod Apk Apocalypse, the world ends. Soon, Father Stan will have to make a lot of different weapons himself, both for the army and for himself. From close-up to long-range, and sometimes even a magic potion. For close-quarters fighting, you can use sticks, Christmas trees, axes, charms, swords… For long-range combat, there are bows and arrows, pistols, rifles, and even plasma guns, which are very powerful. Our Roger army changes quickly because they look like people and wear different kinds of strange clothes (from medieval style, street gangster, to horror school, or even simulation of aliens).

Two ways to play

American Dad Hack Apk has two main ways to play. The End Is Near. You can play with machine AI in PvE mode. You will be led through the game by the way it lets you progress, completing hundreds of big and small missions that fit with the overall story. Still, the main goal is to help Father Stan do everything he can to save his family and save the world. In PvP mode, you will lead your Roger army into battle against other groups of people on the ground.

I like to play PvE the most because I love the plot of the cartoon, so I think a plot like this makes more sense.

You can get American Dad! Apocalypse Soon for Android as an APK file

The game has animated 2D graphics in the style of the United States. It is mostly about role-playing strategy, but there are plenty of intense turn-based battles. It also feels like watching a movie when you play the game. It has a lot of exciting sounds, fun, smooth visual effects, powerful explosions, and moves that make sense. The story and game play are the best parts. I give it a score of 10/10 for quality.

Download it and play it here if you’re interested.

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